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Email Clustering

Other email clients thread emails by conversations or exactly same subjects. Eπvelope uses fuzzy logic to automatically group “similar” emails. Entire clusters can be moved, archived or deleted, letting you more efficiently manage your Inbox.



Follow up on emails by adding Reminders integrated with iOS reminders app. See more...

Email Groups

Easily create email groups to simplify sending emails to multiple addresses or to filter incoming email. See more...

Segregated Attachments

Directly access attachments automatically segregated into Pictures, Videos, Audio and Files (PDFs, documents,...).

See more...

Voice Memos

Don’t type long emails. Do it the simple way - record the email in your own voice and send it off.


Insert URL of a file in Dropbox or for large number of images & videos, the app automatically uploads them to Dropbox, creates a folder for them and a single URL for all.



Sketch a quick thought or draw on a picture and send it in the email.


The ‘Welcome Guide’ is available inside the app by tapping on the Settings icon.


Email: help AT


twitter: @PiEnvelope

Get the App!
Get the App!

“Eπvelope” (word Envelope written by replacing second letter n with the symbol π (Pi)) and “Pi Envelope” are Trademarks

Available for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

Handwritten & Picture Signatures

Sign off on emails with your Handwriting and include your custom brand image in your signature

Mail Filters

Slice n Dice your Inbox by using predefined filters - Unread Today, Recently Accessed, Important, Subscriptions, Not Replied, No Reply Received

Automatic Response Tracking

Eπvelope automatically detects and alerts you about important emails you have not replied to or to which you have not received a reply.

Save Email & Attachments

Important emails & attachments can be packaged as a zip file and saved to a supported app such as Dropbox, Google Drive,...

Contacts, Emails, Files

Top contacts are dynamically calculated across all email providers and emails, files per contact can be viewed.


Create reusable pieces of text, images or scribbles. Quickly insert them into replies or new messages.

Mail Categorization

Automatically organize your email by tagging senders into predefined groups of Money (Banking & Finance), Tickets & Travel, Discounts & Coupons, Receipts. If these don’t work for you, create custom groups to filter email according to your preferences.