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“Eπvelope” (word Envelope written by replacing second letter n with the symbol π (Pi)) and “Pi Envelope” are Trademarks

Few samples from the video above are mentioned below -

Following shows a Daily Newsletter from Gigaom. One would expect there to be copies of the newsletter for every day in the cluster.

However, Eπvelope detects that within these daily copies are Android related newsletters and groups only those together, leaving out other daily copies since these have greater affinity to each other than other daily copies.

Thus, in one place you can view all Android related news sent by Gigaom

Similar social alerts are grouped together

Offers from Stores are automatically grouped together letting you find all the offers you received quickly and in one place.

Here, offers from Carter’s, OshKosh,... are clustered together so you can view “all offers from carter’s” or “all offers from OshKosh...”, ....

In the following example, the sender ( sends different types of alerts / notifications. Eπvelope automatically detects three different types of alert groups and clusters emails accordingly.

Thus, it groups together all your “Weekly Summaries...”, “Spending behavior alerts...”, “Bills to be paid ...” alerts.

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